Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Clearwater, FL

At Foundations Therapy, we use a child’s occupation of play to provide meaningful and motivating pediatric physical therapy in our Clearwater, FL clinic. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where the pediatric physical therapist, child, and caregiver can play together to achieve success.

Pediatric physical therapy may be indicated to further develop gross motor skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, or balancing. Other issues that may be addressed with pediatric physical therapy are a loss of range of motion, flexibility, or strength, possibly due to injury, illness, or surgery. Our pediatric physical therapists, with special training in pediatric medical conditions, will evaluate a patient’s specific needs and design a unique program to address functional deficits.


During a Visit, a Pediatric Physical Therapist May:

  • Measure a child’s flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination
  • Analyze a child’s developmental movement patterns
  • Identify existing and potential problems
  • Consult with other medical professionals, such as pediatricians, orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, and other members of the therapy team (such as occupational therapists and speech therapists)
  • Assess need for adaptive equipment and orthoses
  • Work with the family to create a home program


Therapy Tools We Use for Pediatric Physical Therapy:

  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Gait Training
  • Handling Techniques
  • Kinesio® Taping
  • TheraTogs ULTRA PTA (Posture and Torso Alignment System)


We Specialize in Helping Children Living With:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Coordination Deficits
  • Developmental Dyspraxia
  • Effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Gross Motor Delays
  • Head Injury
  • Heart and Lung Conditions
  • Hypotonia (low muscle tone) and Hypertonia (high muscle tone)
  • Limb Deficiencies
  • Muscle Disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Spina Bifida
  • Torticollis

Therapy Tool Details


Adaptive Equipment

These refer to devices used to support the physical needs of the child. Examples include the following: orthoses, wheelchairs, adaptive strollers, walking aids, and bath seats. Physical therapy will coordinate with the physician, orthotist, and/or adaptive equipment companies to meet the individual needs of each family.


Gait Training

Gait Training assists in maintaining the child’s appropriate posture and moving their legs through as kinematically physiological a gait pattern as possible. Utilizing both weight-supported and non weight-supported techniques, proper development progresses via the repetition of the actual motions performed during walking.


Handling Techniques

This refers to when the therapist is “hands on” with a child in order to teach the muscles of the body how to move in a given pattern. This can help with alignment, muscle tone, regulation, and developmental skills. Handling allows the body to learn how to hold a posture and move in various movement patterns.


Kinesio® Taping

This may be an effective treatment for joint dysfunction, muscle disorders, lymphedema and neurological conditions. Kinesio® Taping may help alleviate pain and facilitate the rehabilitation process.


TheraTogs ULTRA PTA (Posture and Torso Alignment System)

This is a set of two garments and a small set of straps, which are an expandable and wearable therapy system that is used by clinicians for flexible kyphosis and lordosis, excessive pelvic tilt, sitting balance issues, weak trunk muscles, difficulty maintaining midline and shoulder protraction or scapular abduction. It can be used to provide support when sitting at the table, feeding, and during functional play activities.

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