Insurance Providers

Insurance Coverage &
Alternative Funding Sources

Navigating insurance coverage and funding for therapy services can often feel overwhelming. At Foundations Therapy, we aim to simplify this process for you. Our team is committed to helping you understand your options and secure the best possible coverage. Whether you’re covered by an in-network insurance provider, an out-of-network provider, or looking for alternative funding sources, we have solutions tailored to fit your needs.

In-Network Insurance Providers

Foundations Therapy proudly accepts a wide range of in-network insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare (UHC), Tricare, and CMS/Medicaid Title 19 and Title 21. We understand that the cost of therapy can be a concern, and we are here to help make it more affordable.

Out-of-Network Insurance Providers

If your insurance provider is out-of-network, we have solutions for you. As a courtesy, our dedicated team will assist you in submitting claims as an “out-of-network provider” and may be able to help maximize your coverage. We also offer a “private pay discount” for those without insurance coverage.

Communication is key

Insurance submissions are completed in house so that we can provide individualized information about your child. Being a family-run company, it is important to support you through this process and be able to answer questions in “real time.”

We accept Step Up For Students at Foundations.