New Patient Information

The Streamlined Process of
an Initial Evaluation

At Foundations Therapy, our primary commitment is to make this journey seamless and reassuring for both you and your child. We’ve crafted insights on navigating through understanding the evaluation process, the initial therapy session, and supporting your child effectively at home. Rest assured, we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way, providing your child with compassionate care in a supportive environment. Let’s take this important step together.

Important Paperwork​

Our office will send you our Foundations Therapy Intake Paperwork through our HIPAA-compliant portal. This paperwork will ask questions about your child’s developmental history and presenting problems. Additional consent forms may also need to be filled out. Contact us to get started.

Warm Welcome & In-Depth Chat

Our therapist will kick off the session with a friendly introduction to put everyone at ease. Then, they'll dive into a deep conversation about your child's history, behaviors, and any hurdles they're currently facing. Remember, your candid answers are vital in crafting the most effective care plan.

Play, Observe & Strategize

The therapist will invite your child to participate in fun activities. This allows them to observe your child's skills, responses, and behaviors in action. Using these observations, they'll assess your child's needs and design a personalized therapy plan just for them.

Sharing Insights & Planning Ahead

After the evaluation, it's time for a sit-down with you. Your therapist will share findings, explain the proposed therapy plan, and answer all your queries. This ensures you're fully in the know and comfortable with the next steps in your child's therapeutic journey.

We know that stepping into a therapeutic journey can be a bit daunting, particularly if it’s your first experience. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. This page is devoted to equipping you with all the crucial information about your child’s initial session and our unique evaluation process.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

The first time your child comes into the clinic, our therapists will spend time getting to know your child, understanding their specific needs, and establishing the best approach for their therapy.

This session involves more than just simple play. Play is a proven effective method in children’s therapy and our therapists use it as a tool to motivate your child and enhance their learning process. We’ll also provide handouts and additional information to help you understand the concepts and carryover these tools at home.

What To Expect From Our Team


We take the time to thoroughly understand your child's specific needs and tailor a therapy plan that suits them best.


We provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can feel comfortable and at ease.


Our skilled therapists are experienced in handling diverse needs and will guide your child through their therapy journey with utmost professionalism.

Reassurance For Parents

We understand that as a parent, you may feel anxious about your child’s first therapy session. Please rest assured that your child is in capable hands. Our therapists are not only highly trained professionals but also compassionate individuals who genuinely care about your child’s well-being.

Asking Questions​

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your child’s treatment plan or about physical therapy in general. Here are some questions you might consider:

  • How will the treatment happen over the next few months?
  • What exactly is physical therapy for children and how will it benefit my child?

Answering Questions​

Expect to answer detailed questions about your child’s history, symptoms, activities they enjoy, their caregivers, and their support system. Your transparency and honesty are vital for your child’s well-being.

Supporting Your Child at Home​

Patience and creating a safe, healthy environment at home is key. Understand the challenges your child is facing and provide them with the necessary support. Regularly communicate with your child and encourage them to express their feelings about therapy. If you need extra resources, feel free to view our blog

Trust and Transparency​

Trust and transparency between you and the therapist are crucial for a successful therapy journey. Share your concerns, stay updated about your child’s progress, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Our team is here to support you and your child every step of the way.