Our Facility

First Impression

Welcome to the Foundations Therapy family! Our waiting room provides a warm, friendly atmosphere with an outdoor mural covering the walls. A lending library provides resource books for families to browse. Snacks are available while children enjoy various books and games prior to therapy time.

Therapy Gym

Swings, monkey bars, and fun playground equipment create a playful environment. Mats line the floors and walls for safety while your child engages in a sensory play experience.

Therapy Toys/Equipment

All of the “toys” play specific roles for teaching kids how to do their “jobs.” Children are motivated to learn when playing.

Safe and Comfortable

Quiet rooms are available to allow children to calm and focus. Lighting, minimal distractions, and safety measures (such as protective mats and beanbags) are provided. No matter what the problem is, Foundations Therapy has a solution!

First Impression

Our waiting room preps the stage for your child.  Remember their primary job is to “play”.  We provide a happy and warming first impression with our waiting room.  This will make your child feel at home and ready to learn.

Play Room

This is one of our play rooms. This is where we begin to work with your child in a playful environment.  The objective of this room is to provide a safe fun experience. At the same time however they will be learning valuable skills.


All of the “toys” play specific roles for teaching kids how to do their “jobs”.  We make sure that each station is safe and will help your child’s special needs.

Safe and Comfortable

We make sure that we have protective mats and safety measures in place for children of all ages.  We have designated quiet rooms for other special needs also.  No matter what the problem is Foundations Therapy has a solution!

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