Bill and Amy grew up in Clearwater, Florida, and met at Clearwater High School. During their high school careers, both Bill and Amy always noticed the kids who seemed to fall through the cracks. They observed kids who had a difficult time playing sports, and kids who struggled in the classroom. Foundations Therapy was created from that desire to reach out to the kids and families in our own community who needed extra help. We look forward to introducing you to all of the members of our team. Today we’d like to start with Meet Our Team, Bill and Amy Perry Owners.


Meet Amy Perry: 

Did you know that Amy actually started dreaming up Foundations Therapy in Clearwater, Florida during middle school?! It’s true! Amy found her passion for physical therapy in fourth grade, and it became the cornerstone for her life’s work. During college, Amy started out in sports medicine, and then switched to occupational therapy after loving her various classes and internships relating to occupational therapy.


Meet Bill Perry:


Bill became a Speech Language Pathologist after stepping out of the classroom. Bill’s teaching days were centered around political science and history, along with coaching various sports such as wrestling, football, and baseball. Bill graduated from USF with his master’s degree in speech language pathology. Bill now loves working with clients on advanced feeding training, as well as literacy assessments, among other things. Bill also takes care of all of our insurance billing and communications. Because we work so closely with our therapists and directly with the insurance companies, we are able to communicate the needs of our clients and advocate for the best possible coverage of services.


Our Team is Here for You: 


Opening Foundations Therapy in Clearwater, Florida, as an outpatient clinic enabled Bill and Amy to do exactly what they set out to do . . . help families right where they live, in a setting that would allow the flexibility to create a variety of solutions tailored to the individual families’ needs. In this family run clinic, Bill and Amy work right alongside their therapists to ensure the success of each patient. We welcome you to our family, and look forward to seeing you at Foundations Therapy! You can reach out to us here, and you can get social with us on Facebook!