Most people think of occupational therapy as a part of the process after you get hurt on the job, or are injured in a way that prevents you from doing your job. Occupational Therapy is actually a whole lot more! Have you ever wondered what Occupational Therapy is, and if it can help your child? Occupation actually refers to your everyday activities, which include work, play, and activities of daily living. These things apply to every person, which is why occupational therapy is important for babies, children, and adults. Occupational Therapy can be a very useful tool to help with activities in the home, workplace,


Occupational Therapy Settings:

Occupational Therapy is typically done in one of the following settings:

  • Early Steps, covering early intervention from birth – 3 years old
  • Schools, covering educationally relevant skills
  • Community centers and Vocational Rehab
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Home Settings


 The Whole Child:

Foundations Therapy strives to look at the whole person in relation to Occupational Therapy. We dig deep to see if there are underlying factors such as medical issues. We also look at the overall function to develop a full picture of what’s going on. Our therapists love to hone in on what the child’s strengths are, and what their weaknesses are. Everyone has things they are good at, and everyone has things that are hard for them. At Foundations Therapy, we love to focus on the strengths, because that motivates by building confidence and self esteem. We can also use those strengths to develop strategies to help overcome the difficulty of other tasks.


Is Occupational Therapy for You?


How do you know if Occupational Therapy is right for your child? We say, when the behavior is affecting your life, it’s time for Occupational Therapy. If you are changing your life, or changing the dynamic of your family in order to function, therapy can be extremely beneficial to you. The core of Occupational Therapy is learning how to interact with others, and how to function in daily life. This is what gives purpose and meaning, and so it becomes an incredibly important piece of living well.


Are you experiencing a behavior in your home that you think may be helped with Occupational Therapy? Have you ever wondered what Occupational Therapy is, and if it can help your child? Give us a call, and let us help you decide if Occupational Therapy would benefit your child and family.



Occupational Therapy for your child