Group & Special Events​

Join Our Fun and Educational Group Events

Here at Foundations Therapy, we’re all about personal growth. While we specialize in one-on-one therapy, we also love to bring people together through our group sessions. These events help everyone use their newfound skills with others.

We’ve had some fantastic groups join us, including:

Celebrating Family and Community at Foundations Therapy

At Foundations Therapy, we believe in the power of family and community. That’s why we’re committed to creating events that celebrate, support, and strengthen these bonds. We take pride in honoring all members of our community, from parents and grandparents to service personnel, teachers, and first responders. Our special events and Spirit Weeks are designed with everyone in mind, providing fun, awareness, and celebration.

Over the years, we’ve hosted a variety of memorable events, such as:

What People Say

Thanks for what you are doing for our son. He loves coming to therapy, and we truly appreciate the compassion and support you are showing him. My husband and I love the home idea you provide which reinforces the great work you are doing. Thank you, Foundations!
Parent of Child Attending Therapy
Foundations Therapy has been a game changer for our family. Our son has been working with two therapists and we've been seeing noticeable progressions. They are always friendly and welcoming and make my child feel comfortable. We can't recommend Foundations enough!
Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel