Executive Functioning By Grade Level

We learned in our last blog post that Executive Functioning involves the ability to establish a goal, break it down into steps, and complete the task. The complexity of the goals and steps to completion vary by age. Let’s take a look at the Executive Functioning skills that should be firmly in place as a child grows and matures.

Executive Functioning By Grade Level: 

  • Preschool: can follow one to two step simple directions, such as putting their lunchbox away, putting shoes in their room, cleaning up toys, simple chores
  • Kindergarten – 2nd: can follow two or three step directions, complete short homework assignments, can keep track of papers for parents to sign, clean up their bedroom
  • 3rd – 5th: can remember to do something after school, can complete chores that last 15-30 minutes (setting the table, clean up after dinner, homework assignments)
  • 6th-8th: can complete higher level chores, can master daily responsibilities and weekly responsibilities, such as washing their own clothes, putting their own laundry away
  • 9th—12th: can manage school work by studying for their own tests, creating their own schedule for long term projects, and setting goals for beyond high school

Our Formula: 

We like to use our own formula of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) + EQ (Emotional Quotient) = LQ (Learning Quotient). Without Executive Functioning Skills, you cannot function at your optimal level, and will be less likely to participate with others.

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