Our goal is to keep you and your children safe while continuing to offer the quality care you expect. We have implemented the following measures in compliance with CDC guidelines for your safety during this COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Please arrive at your scheduled time. If the waiting room is full or you wish to remain outside the facility, please park on the side of the building and contact our office upon arrival. Your therapist will come to your car to get your child. At the end of the session, we ask that you either come in at the designated end time to pick up or let the therapist know you wish to have them walked out to your car. Please discuss pick-up requests with your therapist so we can work to accommodate your needs.

2. The waiting room chairs are spaced at least 6 feet apart with flooring and chairs updated to allow for easy sanitization.

3. All patients will complete a COVID-screening prior to his/her therapy session. This will include the patient and anyone entering the treatment space to have his/her temperature checked and asked specific COVID-related questions.

4. If you need to stay with your child, only one person may enter the clinic. Masks are available for patients and parents entering the treatment space. Shoes will be taken off or disinfected upon entering the treatment space.

5. If bringing other siblings, please wait outside in your vehicle or close by so we can contact you when the session is over.

6. Payment using our automatic withdrawal system is preferred. Contact our office at 727-724-5437 if you wish to pay by phone.

7. A Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name will be available when arriving to therapy. This will hold items, such as ongoing therapy tools, projects, and oral motor equipment that may be needed over recurring sessions.

8. Each space will be thoroughly disinfected after it is used and before the next patient. Sessions will end 5 minutes early to allow for this additional sanitizing.

9. Each therapist has a designated treatment space. A limited number of patients will be allowed in the gym at one time to follow social distancing guidelines.

10. Sanitizing stations can be found in each treatment room and in strategic locations within the gym setting. Each sanitizing station will consist of a hospital-grade cleaner, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, and paper towels.

11. Sanitizing of the waiting room, door handles, computers, bathrooms, and other frequently used areas in the clinic will occur regularly throughout the day.

12. A weekly sanitizing mist will be applied throughout the clinic during closed business hours.

13. Every therapist and staff member do complete a COVID-screening prior to work each day.

14. If anyone in your family is feeling ill, exhibiting any symptoms (fever over 100.4, cough or difficulty breathing), or has been exposed, please do not come into the clinic. Contact your physician and please inform our office as well. You may transition to the Telehealth model if you must quarantine. Please discuss procedure and scheduling with the office and see below to learn more about Telehealth.

Frequently Asked Telehealth Questions

Telehealth services are easy to use and can be done from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It is done from a live video conferencing that is HIPAA-compliant and secure.

All you have to do is talk to your therapist, complete the telehealth consent form and credit card authorization form (if applicable), and schedule your child’s telehealth session with the office. 

  • The therapist can meet the child and family where they are… AT HOME.
  • It is flexible.
  • It helps stop regression of skills.
  • Routine is important for everyone.
  • It is important to stay connected with the outside world during a time of “social distancing.”
  • It allows the parent/guardian to do direct intervention with active support and guidance by the therapist.

An adult must be present during the entire session.  It would also be helpful if another adult is available to help with other children during the Telehealth session. Therapy-related expectations will be discussed with your treating therapist and follow the child’s current plan of care. Your therapist will contact you prior to the session if any supplies are needed for a specific Telehealth activity.