My son’s teacher recommended I work on his fine motor skills over summer. What are some things we can do at home that will be fun, but still work on the skills?.


Building Fine Motor Skills at Home: 

There are SO many things you can do to work on fine motor skills at home! The best part is, your child doesn’t even have to know he is working on his skills, because the ideas we share are fun and feel like play time!


  • Card Games
    • Shuffling
    • Holding 5 cards in one hand
    • Sorting cards by suit / number
  • Sand Play
    • Build a sand castle
    • Use a stick to etch out windows and doors
    • Build a moat
    • Write messages in the sand with a stick
  • Rubber Bands
    • Wrap them around a pool noodle to twist and turn
    • Create a rubber band ball
  • Kitchen Tongs
    • Pick things up
    • Pick things up and move them to another area in a specific order
  • Chalk
    • Draw a hopscotch game
    • Write messages on the sidewalk
    • Create a stained glass look by doing a color by number
  • Sewing
    • Use needle & thread to sew a button
    • Use needle & thread to make a blueberry chain or a grape chain
  • Toothpicks
    • Pick up marshmallows
    • Using marshmallows or grapes, build a design
  • Gardening
    • Plant flowers or vegetables
    • Water the crops to practice filling a bucket, carrying a full bucket of water, and pouring out the water
    • Weed the flower bed, paying attention to grasping the weeds and pulling them out by the root


There are many things you can do at home to encourage and increase the use of fine motor skills, while also having fun with your children and creating memories. Summer doesn’t have to be all about working hard. Have fun, get your kids involved, and enjoy your time together, all while actively increasing their fine motor skills!



Our Team is Here for You: 

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